Holmdel Fire Rescue Company #2

Protecting Lives Property From Fire


Fire Suppression

The Holmdel Fire and Rescue Company # 2 operates three engines, and a tower ladder to protect the residents and property of Holmdel from the devastating effects of fire. Our firefighters are all state certified and have attended one of the area fire academies for training. HFRC#2 firefighters respond in a rapid and safe manner with victim and citizen safety as our top priority.

Vehicle Extrication

In addition to being trained firefighters, most of our members are also skilled motor vehicle extrication technicians. Our fire apparatus carry hydraulic, pneumatic, and hand tools to aid in the removal of trapped victims following a severe vehicle collision.

Medical Support

HFRC#2 provides assistance to the Holmdel First Aid Squad at major incidents and when requested. Several of our members are EMTs and certified EMS First Responders, trained to immediately determine a patient’s condition and begin lifesaving medical care. This care may include oxygen administration, bleeding control, or even CPR.

Technical Rescue

HFRC#2 has the equipment and training to respond to confined space and hazardous materials calls. We are trained in a variety of rescue techniques as well as chemical spill and decontamination procedures. We also work closely with the township’s Office of Emergency Management in all aspects of disaster preparedness and emergency response to large incidents.

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